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  • Relying on Intent Data Alone: More Harm than Good?

    leadspace b2b customer data platform

    Three out of four B2B sales and marketing teams rely on intent data to prioritize ABM outreach. Intent data is incredibly important as it provides insight into which companies are searching for you – i.e. which companies are demonstrating some level of intent to use your type of product (or specific product). While that’s useful […]

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  • Revenue Radar™: Finding the Right Type of Buyer Using Persona Scoring Models

    Leadspace persona scoring for go to market

    In our last few blogs, we discussed using Fit (propensity) models to determine the companies within your TAM who need your product, and how to determine which of those companies are actually ready to buy with Intent scores. Now you need to figure out who are the right people to pursue within those companies. Does […]

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  • How to Double Your Account-Based Marketing Performance

    Leadspace customer data platform, Enterprise profiling

    Choosing ABM accounts based on gut or table stakes profiling – like firmographics – isn’t enough anymore. Successful ABM comes down to discovering your TAM, building profiles at the person, account, and buying center levels, and then comparing them against your ICP in order to focus your time and effort on the accounts most likely […]

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  • Moving Beyond Demand & ABM With B2B Customer Data Platforms

    Customer data platform, leadspace, account based marketing

    In this increasingly complex and dynamic B2B marketing environment, marketers are struggling to keep up with legacy demand and ABM strategies. Cutthroat competition and advancements in AI technologies are driving the need for B2B marketers to take full advantage of any and all tools available to stay one step ahead of their competitors. This means […]

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  • Arming Your Team for the Future of B2B Marketing

    Leadspace customer data platform

    In a recent report, The Future of B2B Marketing, Forrester indicated that B2B marketers are going to need to step up their game to meet marketing’s new challenges. Significant changes in buyer behavior, evolving business models, and technological advances in conjunction with a global pandemic are forcing an evolution in B2B marketing from—changing corporate purpose, […]

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  • Look-Alike Modeling: The B2B Marketer’s Secret Weapon

    b2b customer data platform, Leadspace

    It’s 2020 — are you excited about building your next target accounts list?  Probably not.  It’s true you want to expand your current list of accounts, but you’re likely not looking forward to going through the slow, manual process of finding and handpicking who to target.  Unfortunately, this is the sad truth for too many B2B […]

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  • How to Use ICPs and Buyer Personas for Sophisticated Segmentation

    Animated people standing in the form of a peace symbol

    You created an ideal customer profile — what next? If you’re like most businesses, you’re using ICPs to develop your marketing campaigns.  The issue with this is that your data may be incomplete. Because of this, your campaigns are bound to struggle (or even fail).  Let’s take a look at what you can do to […]

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