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Meet us in Austin June 5-7 at the Forrester B2B Summit | Visit Booth 414

We are excited to showcase how Leadspace enables the largest B2B companies to minimize spend and maximize ROI by equipping you with the tools to effectively and efficiently find, create and accelerate closeable revenue.

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Book a complimentary consultative session and after answering a few short questions, no data loads needed, we will share with you a comprehensive analysis of your Total Addressable Market (TAM) — including number of accounts, their intent ranking, territory distribution and even $$ potential per business segment. Also get insights on how you could activate your TAM in a more intelligent, cost effective and efficient way—with Fit and Intent models.

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Case Study | Informatica and Leadspace: The AI-Driven Growth Engine

Monday, June 5 | 2:50–3:20 PM | Room 17A
Today’s highest-performing growth engines are leveraging AI with predictive, intent, persona and engagement signals. Join us to learn how the Informatica team harnessed Leadspace Revenue Radar in their state-of-the-art marketing engine to drive 50% of net-new pipeline