New Leadspace B2B Maps Clears Revenue Jams; Fast Fix for Unproductive CRMs

Six new offerings eliminate wrong turns in territory and campaign targeting from SMB to Enterprise

AUSTIN, Texas, May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Today at the Forrester B2B Summit, Leadspace, the leading B2B revenue automation company, announced Leadspace B2B Maps™. B2B Maps is the industry’s first visual profiling offering to explore, map and activate 360 degree slices of the most popular territory/audience segments. B2B Maps leverages a complete database of the over 230M companies and the 700M people that matter most for revenue activation in the Fortune 1000, U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Enterprise, U.S. small business and U.S. franchises. With B2B Maps, sales and marketing teams are armed with visual, accurate, dynamic, and unified buyer profiles to better visualize territories; campaign to the best-performing market segments; and convert sales whitespace by targeting accounts and personas with the highest revenue potential. The result is optimized sales territories with improved sales pipeline close rates, higher ABM lead conversion and better marketing ROI.

“Sales and marketing people are working from a broken CRM system. It’s disorganized, inaccurate, incomplete, out of date and contains many accounts and contacts that are irrelevant to their go-to-market strategy,” stated Marge Breya, President of Leadspace. “Leadspace B2B Maps visually organizes the accounts into corporate families, adds in the relevant missing companies and contacts, AI ranks them for revenue and keeps any CRM, Marketing Automation or Cloud Data Warehouse up to date with the most popular commercial segments. The result is higher growth, increased productivity and hyper-focused sales and marketing teams.”

Leadspace Maps: Six Market Maps available today for Sales and Marketing Teams
Each Leadspace Map features targeted audiences for either companies alone or both companies and contacts:

Corporate Families: Organize, cleanse, augment, visualize and enrich the companies in small, medium and large CRMs. Customized TAM models available. Leverages over 200 million buying centers with 8.6 million global headquarters and 192 million single sites.

U.S. Franchises: Visualize and target more than 3,000 franchises (restaurants, dealerships, stores, financial branches and more) in the U.S.

Fortune 1000: Visualize and target the 1000 most valuable companies and the hundreds of thousands headquarters, branches, subsidiaries and sites

U.S. Federal Government: Visualize and target the 66,050 entities and the 1.3M plus buying contacts and buying teams

Large Enterprise U.S.: Visualize and target over 10 million U.S. sites from more than 2.6 million global companies with more than 1,000 employees

Small Business U.S.: Visualize and target over 18 million U.S. sites from companies globally with less than 1000 employees

Leadspace uniquely ingests your first-party data, then automatically unifies, enriches and updates it with more than 30+ embedded data sources to generate a dynamic 360 degree view of each customers target market.

Leadspace Profiling
Leadspace Profiling uses over 30+ embedded third-party sources; provides metro intent for 15 categories and thousands of standard and customizable topics; 18K+ web and install technographics across 90 categories and provides:

-Profiles for people, companies and buying teams–multi sourced and continuously updated
-Revenue AI prioritization from lookalikes to fit for the companies that are right and ready for targeting
-Firmographic, technographic and intent data integrated into each profile
-Automatic ingestion and unification of first-party data
-Full ICP and TAM discovery and exploration
-Premier lead-to-account matching
-Premium offerings, including 120 million+ mobile numbers
-DUNS and personal email matching
-Data health reports and TAM analytics
-Full CRM and MAP integrations

See us at the Forrester B2B Summit
Leadspace is a sponsor of the Forrester B2B Summit and can be found at booth 514. The company is also presenting two customer case studies. The first on how Pure Storage prioritized over 200M companies globally to strategically align their sales and marketing investments and how they were able to create account-specific TAM models and customized by industry. The presentation takes place on Monday, 5/6, at 12:40CT. The second, Leadspace and Monster will showcase best practices in B2B marketing and sales today. They will show how dynamic buyer data allows you to identify and prioritize who you want to market or sell-to in your TAM, and why. That presentation takes place on Wednesday, 5/8, at 9:40CT.

About Leadspace
Leadspace is the leading Revenue Automation company. The company powers leading enterprises like Microsoft, Salesforce and Nvidia to find, create and accelerate closeable business. The Leadspace Drive platform uses tens of thousands of buying data signals to build and operationalize a company’s total addressable market (TAM), ideal customer profile (ICP), fit, intent and engagement models. Sales and marketing teams use the platform to give them a competitive edge so they know who their best customers are, understand their whitespace opportunities, and can dramatically improve the effectiveness of their sales and marketing programs. To learn more, visit, connect with us on LinkedInFacebook and follow us on Twitter.

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