Leadspace™ Earns #1 for G2’s Enterprise Lead Scoring Category Summer 2023

G2 badges earned by Leadspace

Company Named Best Support and Easiest to Do Business With Across All Vendors

Today Leadspace, the leading B2B revenue automation company, announced the company earned the highest Quality of Support product rating as well as the Easiest Doing Business With product rating in the Lead Scoring category for G2’s Summer 2023 reports. Quarterly, G2 highlights the top rated solutions in the industry, as chosen by the source that matters most: customer responses to questions asked in reviews for G2’s reports. Leadspace also achieved four other badges including three High Performer in Enterprise Lead Scoring, Enterprise Customer Data Platforms, and Enterprise Sales Intelligence; and a Users Love Us badge. For the latter, Leadspace received an average rating of 4.0 or above on all reviews.

“In today’s economy, finding closeable business is job one. Leadspace’s Revenue Radar takes the guesswork out of revenue by using advanced profiling and AI scoring to identify the companies and buyers with the highest odds of converting to sales,” said Marge Breya, President of Leadspace. “With Leadspace, sales and marketing teams prioritize and laser target the accounts and buyers who are both most likely and the most ready to buy their product.”

Revenue Radar delivers Business Results
G2 reviewers continue to recognize Leadspace for its superior solution with notable recent feedback from enterprise customers including:
-“Leadspace increased our outreach volume and performance.”
-“The seamless integration with our existing CRM system has made accessing and updating relevant account information easy, streamlining the entire sales process. I like the predictive analytics feature, as it’s been beneficial in identifying high-potential prospects, allowing me to prioritize and allocate resources accordingly.”
-“Leadspace is currently one of our most valuable resources. We use it to score leads, match accounts, and enrich leads.”
To learn more about what Leadspace users have to say or leave a review, visit G2’s Leadspace review page.

This report is based on ratings by business professionals. Leadspace received user reviews and responses for each of the relationship-related questions to qualify for inclusion in the results index.

About Leadspace

Leadspace takes the guesswork out of B2B revenue for companies like Microsoft, Salesforce and Gong by targeting the fewest number of companies with the highest odds of closeable business. The Leadspace Drive Platform™ is fueled by the best B2B profiles in the industry — more than 200M companies and 600M people. Revenue Radar™ applies four-signal AI targeting to narrow the target by focusing on companies with a 2X, 6X or even 12X chance of closing. More than 25 thousand sales and marketing professionals use the Drive platform to build and operationalize their total addressable market (TAM), identify their ideal customer profile (ICP) and optimize their campaigns with fit, intent and persona models. Sales and marketing teams use Leadspace to give them a competitive edge so they know who their best customers are, understand their whitespace opportunities, and can dramatically improve the effectiveness of their sales and marketing programs. To learn more, please visit www.leadspace.com, connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Press Inquiries: carole.gum@leadspace.com

SOURCE: https://www.prweb.com/releases/leadspace_earns_1_for_g2s_enterprise_lead_scoring_category_summer_2023/prweb19416712.htm