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Leadspace’s Social Lead Targeting solution increases your return on marketing spend, arming your marketing and inside sales teams with leads and information that help them lift conversion rates and increase velocity across the funnel. Stop wasting time searching on social networks and online databases. Cut the number of dials. At a click of a button, Leadspace finds you relevant prospects who are similar to your best customers. Generate hyper-targeted lists for your marketing and sales campaigns. Leadspace discovers leads by scouring social networks and contact databases and finding those who are most likely to take interest in your offering. Shed light on your inbound leads. See who they really are and whether they are relevant to any of your offerings. Lift conversion rates by targeting the right leads with the right message.
Bottom line, Leadspace provides a robust, data-driven approach to prioritize new leads and begin the right conversations.


-- Jason Seeba , Lead Marketing Technologist at BloomReach