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  • Taking the Guesswork out of Sales & Marketing

    Revenue by Design

    Taking the Guesswork out of Sales & Marketing Go-to-market planning is no longer just an art. It’s a science. In this webinar, Marge Breya will explore six steps that take the guesswork out of sales & marketing planning and execution.

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  • Revenue by Design – with Katie Linford (Principal Analyst – Forrester)

    Intro slide for the "Revenue by Design" webinar

    Revenue by Design – with Katie Linford (Principal Analyst – Forrester) Choosing a CDP that takes the Guesswork out of Sales & Marketing Submit the form below for access to this Webinar: Resource Abstract Go-to-Market planning and execution is no longer just an art. It’s a science. Watch this webinar with Katie Linford of Forrester […]

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  • Get in Front of In-Market Buyers with with Intent Data Nurtures

    Slide from webinar of "Do you want the whole pie, or just a piece"

    In this Webinar, Jim Hopkins (Marketing Director, Leadspace), talks about getting in front of in-market buyers with intent data nurtures, specifically data-driven tips and tricks based based on real world experiences from the front-lines.

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  • CDP: Is it Really Your Single Source of Truth for Sales and Marketing?

    B2B CDP slide - Know, Target, Act

    This webinar explores many angles of the CDP ecosystem with unparalleled experts in this explosive field. From origin stories to the future of CDP as an industry, you won’t want to miss the esteemed presenters David and Amnon elaborate on just how powerful a tool the Customer Data Platform can be.

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  • AI-Power your GTM

    Introduction slide for AI-Power your GTM featuring Amish Sheth, Alex Brumas, and Marge Breya

    Learn how to The top B2B SaaS players in the world are doing things differently. Watch this 30-minute webinar discussion on their best practices to understand how they:  Unleash pipeline with the most robust 3rd party data enrichment. Increase conversions with real-time data unification using 1st & 3rd party data and intent scores to accurately target audiences […]

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  • Mergers & Acquisitions at a High Level: Why do Companies Perform Mergers & Acquisitions?

    Slide for M&A as a growth strategy

    M & A really is a viable growth strategy. The diversification of offerings is critical once you reach a certain stage of growth. Organic demand really only takes you so far. Tune in to the webinar below for a deep dive on M & A.

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