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Account-Based Marketing, Marketo Integration, the Importance of Accurate B2B Data Among Key Themes

Marketo Marketing Nation Summit 2016 is over. Attendees are home, having no doubt left a few things that happened in Vegas, in Vegas. They took home best practices for marketing automation, B2B lead generation and account-based marketing (ABM), and examples of how to put them into practice to boost the success of their own campaigns.

Leadspace and Marketo Partner to Drive ABM Success

Our top news was the announcement of the Leadspace partnership with Marketo to boost ABM results for Marketo customers. There were plenty of other announcements, ideas and trends being discussed. Leadspace had a big crew at the event, and we’ve gathered some of our thoughts and key takeaways below.

Leadspace and Marketo announced partnership to boost ABM success for Marketo users.

Microsoft Revealed Their MarTech Stack (Including Leadspace for Predictive Analytics)

Speaking as a vendor, it was gratifying to see and hear from Leadspace customers at Marketing Nation Summit, especially the ones who mentioned their success with Leadspace on stage.

Microsoft’s Director of Engineering Payal Tawana and Director of Marketing Technology Charles Eichenbaum presented “How Microsoft Put Marketo At The Center Of Its Digital Marketing Strategy To Drive Transformation.” They gave the audience a glimpse of Microsoft’s marketing technology stack:


Microsoft martech lead generation stack featuring Leadspace for predictive analytics


… with Leadspace working in conjunction with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to provide predictive scoring and contact enrichment.


Microsoft uses Leadspace for predictive modeling and predictive analytics for lead generation


ABM Takes Center Stage at Marketing Nation

As far as marketing trends, there was no doubt ABM was on everyone’s mind. As Leadspace Senior Director of Marketing Kylee Hall noted, “ABM at Marketo Summit was like the Lobster Mania slot machines in the casino. You couldn’t turn a corner workout seeing it.”

Specifically, attendees were searching for ways to put ABM into practice to boost campaign results and lead conversion, and better engage with customer accounts holistically.

“Everyone has always done ABM in one way or another,” pointed out Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher. Even so, he said, “There’s no consistent view of what ABM is. It’s still more of a concept than a reality.”

Many vendors at Marketing Nation Summit put an ABM stamp on their offerings, but the industry is still searching for a simple definition of ABM, a repeatable workflow, case studies of companies who have put it into practice and the tools to integrate ABM into their marketing stack. (We have that in the Leadspace Complete Guide to Kickstarting Account-Based Marketing.)

The race to differentiate around ABM will ultimately benefit B2B marketers. For instance, ABM platform Engagio, founded by Marketo co-founder Jon Miller, threw down the gauntlet to Marketo to add accounts to their approach (which the Leadspace ABM partnership with Marketo and our partnership with Engagio provides).

More focus on ABM will help infuse all of martech with an account-based approach. Just like social media, content marketing and other proven tactics that waxed and waned in the hype cycle, ABM is here to stay and will become part of marketers’ stacks, strategies and tactics. Ignore it at your peril.

The Marketo Ecosystem Continues to Evolve and Mature

Doug also noted that the vendors and offerings at Marketing Nation Summit are better aligned than in previous years. As the number of Marketo users grow, more and more vendors are integrating with them.

“This year it was a much more mature ecosystem,” Doug said. “In previous years it was more of a random set of start-ups.” Again, the winners will be B2B marketers who use Marketo combined with the solutions that add value to it.

Accurate, On-Demand Data is the Key to Successful B2B Marketing

Marketing Nation was a homecoming of sorts for Leadspace VP of Product Travis Kaufman who came to us from Marketo, where he built Marketo Ad Bridge.

Accurate data is key to B2B marketing and lead generation: Travis Kaufman on stage at Marketo Marketing Nation Summit 2016

“Having worked at Marketo and now at Leadspace, I was reminded once again of the importance of accurate and up-to-date data for creating personalized engagements,” Travis said.

Accurate data is key to B2B marketing - Jason Seeba Marketo Marketing Nation Summit 2016 tweet

“More and more marketers are learning that fact. It’s a major challenge,” Travis added. “As we often say at Leadspace, marketers should be able to concentrate on engaging with customers and prospects, not managing their databases.”

Find out more about how we do that with the Leadspace Virtual Data Management Platform.

Collaboration with IT is a Must for B2B Marketers

Leadspace Solutions Architect Noam Horenczyk works with Leadspace customers to help them solve their specific data quality and lead-generation problems. From his perspective, Marketing Nation pointed out how important it is for modern B2B marketers to understand the technologies available to them, and investigate which ones will be the best investment.

“Marketers need to have a deep understanding of the technology ecosystem,” Noam said, “and to collaborate with IT and senior management to implement the right tools to solve their business pains and lead to growth.”

Once again, we’re reminded of the necessity for modern marketers to work closely with their IT departments and understand the technical details of the solutions available to them, and the benefits they provide.

Marketo Sale Rumors Distract But Don’t Detract

Smack dab in the middle of the event, news about a potential sale of Marketo hit. We got several calls from reporters asking for our take on the news. “It was strange timing,” Doug noted, “and overshadowed some of the show.” But it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the loyal Marketo fans in attendance (and it caused a spike in Marketo’s share price).

Marketing Nation Summit Is a Hub of Marketing Automation Best Practices

It’s a tough world out there for B2B marketers, and it’s not getting any easier. All in all, Marketing Nation Summit continues to grow not only in attendance, but in its value to Marketo users who need to understand the latest trends and technologies to be more successful at their jobs. Leadspace Account Executive John Dionne summed it up.

“Marketo Marketing Nation Summit 2016 offered a room of engaged and compelling marketing technology professionals from all corners of the globe, who brought not only their expertise but also their curiosity to learn and improve.”

Leadspace B2B account-based marketing demand generation

Image of Leadspace booth by Noam Horenczyk

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