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Now that is shutting down, what are you going to do about your customer management? If you’re still figuring out what to do the day after Salesforce sunsets this legacy CRM data platform, you’re not alone — countless B2B Sales organizations are still looking for a alternative

The good news is that there are other data platforms you can use that not only do the same thing but offer even more benefits. was created in the early 2000s, so it’s an outdated platform that doesn’t compare to the more robust options out there today. 

So which alternative should you choose? 

Let’s take a quick look at some of the factors to consider while searching for a alternative. 

Data Enrichment and Data Cleansing

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Of course you need a way to store all of your data, but why stop there? You also need to ensure your data is consistently accurate. With data cleansing, all data is checked regularly to ensure accuracy.

That way, your teams have access to correct names, emails, and phone numbers to connect with prospects easier and faster. Real-time data cleansing is critical, especially since emails and phone numbers become outdated in a matter of months. 

What about data enrichment? The right customer data platform also enriches your data, with dozens of data fields per record. Look for a solution that helps you put together a 360-degree view of your customers, drawing on information from multiple data sources to enhance your customer profiles.

A Smart Way to Capture Inbound Leads

How do you get data into your system in the first place? Chances are, in big part you’re doing that by via forms on your company website. Namely: inbound.

Of course, a common inbound challenge is that you’re usually forced to choose between quality and quantity. Want to maximize the number of form fills? Make your forms as short as possible — and in the process guarantee a large portion of the data will be false, and even the good data you collect might not give you enough information. Want to ensure only qualified leads get through, with as much data on them as possible? Make your forms long — and ensure very few people will ever bother to fill the whole thing in.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Automated form-complete products like SmartForms give you the best of both worlds: you can make forms as short and painless as possible, and still get plenty of valid, actionable data with automated, real-time enrichment.

Just be sure the platform that powers any form solution has a robust foundation of data, otherwise you won’t see all that much value.

Find a alternative that offers this feature so you can prevent inputting worthless information into your database .

Compatibility with Your Existing Software/Platforms

How many other Sales and Marketing tools does your company use? At minimum, you have a CRM and Marketing Automation Platform — these are the bread-and-butter of any B2B Sales and Marketing organization respectively. 

You don’t want to purchase a solution that doesn’t play nice with you other technologies. If your alternative doesn’t integrate with all of your tools (or effectively replace them), then it’s not the platform for you, and could even cause more problems than it solves. 

Pro tip: Forrester’s B2B Marketing Data Providers, Q3 2018 Report notes in this regard: “Leadspace is a best fit for B2B marketers looking for a data platform with advanced data integration and management capabilities.”

A Security Boost

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No business wants to be the subject of a data breach. You hear all too much about these messy (and expensive) ordeals. In many cases, the costs of data breaches can run into the millions. It can hurt your reputation as well as your budget. 

You can minimize the risk of a data breach by selecting a Salesforce alternative that maximizes IT security. Such a solution would include using top-tier encryptions, authorization protocols, and so on. 

Data Report Generation

It’s helpful to know what’s going on with the data you’re collecting. This includes creating reports and other insights to help you see the quality of your data. High-quality reporting features will help you develop customer profiles, tables, charts, or any other data visualizations that can assist your sales and marketing teams. 

Poring over mounds of data is time-consuming, costly, and downright confusing. Why go through the hassle when there are AI/Machine Learning tools out there that can do it for you? Choosing a data management solution that incorporates machine learning and AI opens up a world of data insights you may have been missing with

AI Tools to Help Translate That Data Into Revenue

Speaking of Artificial Intelligence…

Now that you’re replacing anyway, you should be expecting a lot more from any modern data platform. Account (or lead) lists just don’t cut it anymore for modern Sales and Marketing.

Particularly in the era of integrated, cross-channel, account-based strategies, intelligence account and lead scoring models, powered by AI, are a critical tool for translating your data into meaningful engagements and other actions that drive revenue.

Want to see how Leadspace stacks up with That’s easy. Simply fill out the form below to get immediate access to a side-by-side comparison.

As you compare Leadspace and, be sure to pay special attention to what Leadspace offers via AI to take your data to the next level. Find it all here!

Discover the Ultimate Data Analysis Platform

When you have a data platform that cleanses, transforms, inspects, and models data for you, you know you made the right decision. 

Take the next step in finding the replacement that’s right for you. Leadspace is a quality data management platform that offers the above benefits and more. Want to know more? Find out why Leadspace is your best option to replace today.

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