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Last month, we announced the acquisition of Reachforce by Leadspace, which we closed on July 1st. This came on the heels of Leadspace being named one of only 2 leaders in the B2B Customer Data Platform category by Forrester.

The acquisition and integration of Reachforce into the Leadspace platform will make a huge difference to the product offering for our 200+ joint customers, including Microsoft, HP Enterprise, AMEX and Staples. It will also contribute considerably to the evolution of the CDP category in B2B as a whole, as the category starts to mature and scale.

Reachforce has been a pioneer in the Data Management and CDP space, having invented the “SmartForms” product, which is still the industry’s leading forms offering. More recently, they introduced “SmartSuite”, to provide a one-stop-shop for data management, cleansing and enriching, with an easy-to-use interface which shows quickly the “state of the union” on data within CRM and MAP systems.

Bringing these capabilities into the Leadspace platform will extend Leadspace’s lead in the CDP category in a number of ways:

1. Offering the only scale CDP focused on B2B Sales and Marketing

While the B2C industry is replete with Customer Data Platforms, CDPs are still relatively new in the B2B space. Of the handful of B2B CDPs that have emerged over the past few years, fewer still can truly stake a claim to being a genuine CDP — as Forrester’s recent report aptly illustrates.

Adding Reachforce’s capabilities to Leadspace’s CDP boosts our status as a leader in the field, with a combined customer community over 200-strong – including 7 of the top 10 Enterprise Software companies. Through this acquisition, we are creating the only scale, real-time business-to-business CDP, handling millions of interactions daily, in real-time, through robust APIs.

2. Providing the broadest set of data partners and providers for customers

CDPs have to be data source agnostic — from 1st to 3rd party data; from customer fit to behavioral to intent; person and company; global and extensive. That’s because a critical function of any true CDP is to be Sales’ and Marketing’s “single source of truth” for data.

Reachforce brings to the table additional partner relationships and integrations — especially in EMEA and new industries — to further expand Leadspace’s existing “all-star” roster of data providers like, D&B, Bombora, Kickfire and many others. Customers will now be able to leverage all of these data sources seamlessly in real-time, through a single API and interface, offering a genuine single source of truth.

3. Activating data through the broadest set of channel integrations, in real-time, out of the box

Another foundational criteria for any CDP is the ability to easily and directly activate via existing Sales and Marketing automation platforms. Leadspace CDP does this through seamless, real-time integrations into leading CRMs, Marketing Automation Platforms and Digital Ad platforms – including Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot and LiveRamp. Reachforce’s industry-leading SmartForms provides yet another such activation product, and a way to seamlessly and simply onboard new customers and customer intelligence into Sales and Marketing engagement platforms.

What’s more, combining Smartforms with existing Leadspace capabilities like reverse IP information, detailed account- and person-level data, and AI modeling, means we can offer highly-accurate site and ad personalization on both the account (ABM) and persona level. For our customers, this means even more precise and personalized engagement and targeting, particularly those currently using our ABM solutions. (We will be announcing more on this offering in Q3 as we integrate the Reachforce and Leadspace platforms.)

4. Using AI to drive recommendations and actions – not just “dumb” integrations

Simply having the ability to integrate many data sets together into a single view of the account, customer or prospect doesn’t necessarily make a Customer Data Platform.

The true differentiator of a true CDP is the ability to use that level of data and intelligence to go beyond mere rule-based actions, to AI-driven recommendations.

As we integrate the two companies we will be applying Leadspace’s proprietary AI-driven intelligence, automated scoring and models across the offering to all our customers.

Emerging “Systems of Intelligence” in B2B

This is a very exciting time for everyone at Leadspace, as bringing these two innovative companies together will greatly accelerate our offering as the leading CDP in B2B in the short-term. But there are more strategic changes emerging as well. As B2B companies, we have moved through the era of “systems of record” and “systems of engagement” and are now entering the “system of intelligence” era.

B2C marketers today know this, and already use CDPs to deliver the kind of targeted, personalized, relevant — and hence highly-effective — customer experience that buyers today demand. CDPs combine vast data and data management capabilities with advanced AI to create a system of intelligence that guides Marketing and Sales to their best customers, and delivers razor-sharp insights and recommendations on how and when to effectively engage them.

The CDP is being rapidly adopted by B2B businesses now — including many enterprise companies at the forefront of marketing and sales strategy and innovation — and it’s proving equally as effective for them.

It’s against this backdrop that Leadspace announced our acquisition of ReachForce, and we look forward to a time when systems of intelligence become as common as systems of record or systems of engagement to help build highly engaging, relevant and valuable relationships for B2B companies.

Find out why Forrester named Leadspace as one of only 2 “leaders” in the B2B Customer Data Platform category:

Leadspace named leading B2B CDP

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