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We’ve spoken a lot in this blog about how intent data can help improve Sales and Marketing results.

But as the saying goes: Seeing is believing.

That’s why we’re so excited to share OneLogin’s story:

The Power of Intent: How OneLogin Doubled Marketing Engagement & Cut Sales Cycles from Leadspace on Vimeo.

OneLogin are one of our growing number of customers achieving incredible results by combining intent with AI-powered predictive modeling and comprehensive data enrichment. Thanks to our recently-announced partnership with leading intent data provider Bombora, companies like OneLogin can achieve full Sales-Marketing alignment and execute powerful, effective, personalized campaigns using Leadspace’s Customer Data Platform.

Don’t take our word for it though. Here’s what David Tam, Director of Marketing at OneLogin, had to say:

“Our biggest success with Leadspace and Bombora is driving Sales-Marketing alignment. I’ve never worked anywhere before where we could run a fully-integrated and aligned marketing campaign and sales play, where the messaging matches. Our marketing emails are talking about the same things that our sales reps are talking about. That alone is enough to get brownie points with Sales!”

Data + AI + Intent = The Secret Sauce to Scaling Demand Generation

The challenge OneLogin faced will be familiar to any Sales/Marketing person in a growing company: a rapidly expanding database that’s increasingly impossible to handle both due to sheer volume, and the amount of bad data.

We all know the story: Marketing find it increasingly difficult to hit the mark in their campaigns due to bad data. Sales, and especially SDRs, aren’t happy with the quality of leads making it to them, and spend too much time chasing their tails, leading to longer sales cycles. Both Sales and Marketing quickly lose confidence in the data, and don’t know which accounts/leads to prioritize.

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Using Leadspace’s B2B Customer Data Platform, OneLogin were able to solve their problem from start to finish: tightly aligning their Sales, Marketing and Alliances teams to close more valuable deals, more quickly.

OneLogin’s story is both a testament to the powerful potential of intent data, as well as a perfect illustration of how Customer Data Platforms are shaping the face of B2B Sales and Marketing, enabling the kind of true personalization that until now has been the sole preserve of B2C.

How They Did It

First, Leadspace cleansed and enriched OneLogin’s Marketing and Sales databases with over 80 data fields per lead/contact/account record — sourced and verified from over 40 leading data sources. To top it off, Leadspace’s lead-to-account matching enables smooth, efficient routing to Sales.

With their now-solid base of underlying data, the next step was to establish customer “fit” using predictive modeling, powered by Artificial Intelligence, to score their accounts by propensity to buy, among other key criteria. This gives Sales and Marketing a clear picture of which prospects to prioritize for the right activities — whether routing directly to Sales, referring to SDRs for follow-up, or to target in a marketing nurture campaign.

But having the right prospects isn’t enough if you don’t know how or when to engage with them. Are they ready to buy yet? Even if they are, which products are they actually interested in? Answering these questions is key to creating truly personalized marketing campaigns and sales engagement.

Using Leadspace intent scores powered by Bombora’s Company Surge™, OneLogin can now see when their prospects are showing interest in key topics that indicate buying intent. Now, each target account receives an intent (“Company Surge”) score that’s updated weekly, so they can gain a real-time insight into which prospects are showing interest in their products.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Improved email open rates 60%
  • Doubled email reply rates
  • Increased outbound Sales pipeline 10%
  • Better quality target accounts for ABM
  • “Drastically” faster sales cycles

Read the full case study here:

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