By now, most B2B businesses appreciate the importance of taking a strategic approach to outbound. Buying lists of contacts and companies, and then firing off content or making Sales calls based on job titles or target industries is a recipe for failure.

This is particularly true for account-based marketing (though not exclusively). Marketing and Sales need to align on which accounts they should target; which individuals they need to engage within those accounts; how to pinpoint the exact right time to reach out with personalized content; and how to action this data for intelligent marketing and sales engagement.

To do all that, B2B marketers and salespeople need the right technologies. But in this age of technology and data overabundance, just trying to figure out where to start looking can be overwhelming.

What is clear is that there needs to be more intelligence behind targeting than simply known behavioral data. That’s where intent data comes in.

Intent data is among the strongest predictive indicators of propensity to purchase. When combined with the right underlying customer data and account intelligence, intent data can provide the framework needed to beat out the competition and win more, higher-value deals.

Take Extreme Networks, for example. By combining Leadspace Customer Data Platform with Bombora’s unique “Company Surge” reports, they’re leveraging intent signals alongside predictive modeling and real-time data enrichment to generate larger opportunities and increase sales conversions.

“Today’s B2B buyers expect personalized engagement of the kind they are regularly served as consumers.

“That means understanding what’s important to them right now based on their most pressing business needs, and being able to act on that quickly.”

– Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher

Register now for our live session with marketing technology experts from Extreme Networks, Bombora and Leadspace, to discover how you can “Leverage Account Intelligence and Intent Data to Win“:

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Doug Bewsher


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