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– Partnership builds on understanding that people and companies don’t want to be marketed to, they want to be engaged with in a relevant way and at the right time

– Joint customers and Marketo themselves benefit from on-demand data enrichment and AI-driven intelligence, integrated directly into their marketing engagement programs

Leadspace has always valued our strategic partnerships as the key to delivering on the promise of relevant, impactful customer engagement. As one of our longest-standing partners — and customers — Marketo was the obvious choice to take the next step in that evolution.

We are particularly excited about joining the Marketo Accelerate partner ecosystem, as our combined solution already sits at the core of some of the most sophisticated enterprise Marketing teams across the technology industry. Together, Leadspace and Marketo are empowering B2B marketers to create high-impact, meaningful engagement with customers and prospects, increasing the effectiveness of both Marketing and Sales.

Marketo Accelerate — part of Marketo’s best-in-class partner ecosystem, Launchpoint® — is the industry’s first MarTech partner accelerator, empowering marketers to create and deliver personalized experiences to their customers across all channels throughout the buyers’ journey.

What does all of this mean for our joint customers? In short, you can now easily leverage our  industry-leading platforms, together with other Accelerate and LaunchPoint partner offerings, and focus on innovative marketing instead of the headaches and costs associated with complex MarTech integrations and tedious, inefficient data management. Using the Leadspace Marketo integration, marketers can quickly and easily combine first party data with comprehensive third-party data and apply proprietary AI-driven intelligent insights, including predictive account modeling, persona modeling, intent and tech install signals, with lead-to-account matching and site-level mapping to improve targeting, engagement and conversion across the customer journey.

Because of our history, Leadspace and Marketo already share many joint customers, including industry leaders like SAP, RingCentral and Extreme Networks, who are using our solutions to achieve incredible results.

As a perfect example, Marketo themselves were one of Leadspace’s earliest and most sophisticated customers. Using our real-time data enrichment and AI-powered predictive and persona modeling — including custom Intent scoring — Marketo can now identify, engage and convert their ideal customers more quickly. Together, we’ve increased win rates and Average Selling Price by over 40%. (Read the full case study here.)

RingCentral is another great of example, having leveraged the Leadspace-Marketo ABM solution to triple their sales opportunities, and significantly improve overall sales efficiency — saving sales reps 65 hours per quarter. This was accomplished by using Leadspace as their single source of truth — consolidating from 5 disparate data sources to just one — and using our proprietary lead-to-account matching solution to optimize their lead routing process. (Read the full case study here.)

These are just a few examples illustrating how effective marketing today is all about delivering on the vision of relevant customer engagement, by providing data-driven insights and personalization to drive the dialog. For marketers, that means knowing who the right audiences are and tailoring their messaging to address their customers unique challenges and needs. Leadspace and Marketo both share this vision, and I can’t wait to see how customers implement and capitalize on this to drive true customer engagement at scale!

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