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The quest for a “single source of truth” for Marketing and Sales data has an almost mythical feel to it. Sure, we’d all love to have one – a single place where we can source all the data we need on customers, prospects and net-new – the problem is, it doesn’t actually exist. The best we can do is keep filling our CRMs and Marketing Automation Platforms with more data, and take the good with the bad.


Well, N3 didn’t think so. When their enormous database of customer, prospect, and partner records began to cause them trouble, their smart Operations people realized that simply shoveling more data from as many sources as possible was only going to make things worse in the long-term.

You can’t scale a business effectively on faulty data. At some point it’ll come back to bite you: when your marketing campaigns start seeing dismal response rates; or when Sales start complaining about poor data quality preventing them from connecting with the right people; or when you simply realize that you just don’t know who your target audience is, or even what a net-new qualified lead or account looks like!

How it’s done…

N3 turned to Leadspace Audience Management Platform to provide a single source of truth for their data — and proved that, in fact, it can be done.

Instead of sourcing data from multiple vendors, they used Leadspace’s unparalleled depth and breadth of data coverage to get all the data they need. By combining N3’s first-party data with third-party data from over 40 different sources, together with unstructured social and other web data, Leadspace appends over 100 highly actionable data fields to every individual and account record. What’s more, using Leadspace’s real-time enrichment capabilities, N3 can now be confident their data will stay fresh, accurate and usable for good.

N3’s Chief Operating Officer Shannon Copeland described Leadspace as “a uniquely robust solution for highly accurate, personalized data to build effective persona models.

“In part, that’s because they simply have access to a lot more data than traditional vendors, but it’s also to do with the visualization and accessibility of the data. Leadspace allows us to build out queries for net-new data and visualize and splice and dice it in any way we want.”

The results, among other things, were a 20% increase in the numbers of Marketing Qualified Leads generated, and another 20% increase in sales connect rates.

Find out more by reading the full case study below:

N3 Increases MQLs and Sales Connect Rates by 20%, Creates Single Source of Truth for Data with Leadspace

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