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3 Essential Tips for Effective Territory Management

3 Simple Steps to Effective Territory Management
Sherrod Patching

VP of Customer Success at Leadspace.

Careful territory planning is crucial to any business’s success. If you want your business to scale at all, you can’t afford to go without a territory management plan. Territory manageme…

How AI Can Help Maximize Attendance at Your Marketing Events

Increase attendance at your B2B marketing events - by treating them like a sales funnel
Ari Soffer

Senior Content Manager, Leadspace

If you’ve ever organized a conference, a tradeshow, or any B2B marketing event, you’ll know ensuring a good turnout is a lot like managing a sales funnel — only even…

How to Do Account-Based Marketing at Scale

Melissa Lincoln

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

You’ve likely heard a lot about the philosophy of account-based marketing (ABM) lately. Perhaps you’re also wondering: how do you actually do ABM? In this post we’ll talk about the…

How to win at Predictive Marketing

Melissa Lincoln

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

“Predictive Marketing” is gaining steam, but for some it’s a frustrating, futile exercise. Why? Because successful predictive marketing needs an interlocking system to close gaps between sales a…

Account-Based Marketing: Good News and Bad News for Sales Development Teams

Kylee Hall

Sr. Director, Marketing

Typical B2B lead generation efforts for sales development reps (SDRs) involve searching LinkedIn and Google, navigating impossible phone directories and playing email roulette to connect with the righ…