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Engagio adds new functionality on the road to “Account-Based Everything”

David Raab reported on Engagio’s new product, Engagio Playmaker. Plays, Raab wrote, are “account-specific sequences of messages which can be executed in multiple channels (email, phone, social, direct mail) in multiple systems (marketing automation, CRM, customer success) and targeted at different people within the account.”

As with all things ABM, it’s not so much the what as it is the how.

“A play is just a set of tasks assigned to different people,” Raab wrote. “But coordination across marketing, sales, and support departments is actually a pretty big deal. Combining it with an account-centric perspective is even more important because neither marketing automation nor CRM are inherently account-based.”

Read more in David’s post, Engagio Goes Beyond Account Based Marketing to Unify Marketing, Sales, and Service

Engagio Founder Jon Miller and Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing will give a preview of Engagio Playmaker on Wednesday, May 18.

And if you still need more ABM news, and you somehow managed to miss it on our blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, Marketo and Leadspace announced our own ABM partnership at Marketo Marketing Nation Summit.

Trade shows and events are more than just lead-generation machines

In the middle of event-season chaos, my colleague Alicia remindsd us events are a key part of the marketing mix, and not just for the joy of scanning business cards. It’s a chance to have a face-to-face conversation with your prospects.

Dan Scalco of marketing agency Digitalux makes the point well in 5 Reasons Why Trade Shows Are Key to Your Marketing Mix.

What does it take to “get a meeting with anyone”?

Well, almost anyone. I’m not sure this approach would work on Bob Dylan. But it might. Anyway, Stu Heinecke has written a book called How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, in which he describes what he calls “contact marketing.” In an article in Harvard Business Review called How Top Salespeople Land Hard-to-Get Meetings, Heinecke lays out a strategy that involves focusing on a select group of high-value contacts, engaging with them in a personal way and offering them real value.

At the risk of causing a potentially-cataclysmic collision of buzzwords, I’ll share the thoughts of my colleague Pat, who passed this article along: “Sounds like ABM to me.”

No matter what we call them, the fundamentals never change.

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Ari Soffer

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