Predictive Lead Prospecting

With the click of a button, Leadspace automatically finds you targeted prospects that resemble the people you already sold to. As these prospects match your ideal buyer profile, they are likely to be genuinely interested in hearing your pitch. This means that rather than spending hours researching online or navigating target accounts, you can spend more time selling. 

The Leadspace Secret Sauce: Ideal Buyer Profile

Leadspace is no ordinary contact database. In fact, Leadspace doesn’t even store any contact data.  When you set Leadspace up, it creates a comprehensive model of your ideal buyer profiles by analyzing a sample of your existing customers, going far beyond job title to look at a person’s online presence in social networks, websites, Twitter, blogs and more. 

When you need to discover new prospects, Leadspace scours numerous data sources to find good matches. For every prospect Leadspace identifies, it gathers contact information from the best possible source in real-time, hence data is always fresh and accurate.

Seamless Integration with

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Find the most relevant prospects in the social web and multiple contact databases
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Bottom line, Leadspace provides a robust, data-driven approach to prioritize new leads and begin the right conversations.

-- Jason Seeba , Lead Marketing Technologist at BloomReach