Understand your Ideal Customer

Leadspace uses both sales input and predictive analytics to build your Ideal Customer Profile. Then, you can refine that Profile with an easy thumbs-up/thumbs-down feedback loop. Now you can effectively search for lots of new leads that look just like your Ideal Customer.

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Find new prospects

Leadspace scours the web, social, professional, and contact databases to find new prospects that match your Ideal Customer Profile. And it does it in real-time, for up-to-the-second accuracy. You get context-rich information on every lead at both the individual AND company level.

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Enrich and score your leads in real time

Using social data in real-time, Leadspace creates rich, detailed profiles of your prospects, leads and customers. Using sophisticated predictive analytics, Leadspace scores, prioritizes, and even routes your leads.

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Easily integrates with your marketing and sales automation systems

Like any great tool should, Leadspace makes your work easier.  Leadspace is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, and seamlessly integrates in real time with Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce, and other marketing automation programs.

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