Find all of your potential buyers

Discover net new individuals and companies that have the highest intent to buy your product.

  • Proprietary Ideal Customer Profiles built around your best buyers
  • On-demand lead lists identifying individuals and companies that match your ideal profile
  • Live account prospecting through external social, web and database resources

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Predictive Scoring

Score based on true intent

Score individuals and companies against your Ideal Customer Profiles to find buyers with the greatest intent.

  • Individuals scored against multiple Ideal Customer Profiles
  • Company scores derived from firmographics and aggregated from the individual up to prioritize accounts
  • Segmentation across your entire database to target marketing campaigns and sales efforts

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Operate from a single source of truth

Enrich company and individual profiles with real-time, holistic information.

  • Semantic analyses leveraging open social data and demographic and firmographic information collected from leading partners and resources
  • Matching and aggregation algorithms to decipher the most accurate profile information
  • Key account and contact monitoring for real-time updates

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Time to value

See results within a month

Go live with Leadspace in just 3 weeks and start targeting your ideal buyers immediately.

  • Week 1: Evaluation of existing lead databases and resources
  • Week 2: Analysis and modeling of Ideal Customer Profiles
  • Week 3: Go live and find your next buyer

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