Predictive Lead Targeting

The Leadspace social lead targeting technology, based on army intelligence methods, models your ideal buyer profile and then finds look-alikes across numerous sources, including social networks, contact databases, web sites, and even your CRM. 

With Leadspace you can:

Knock Down the Walls between Your Marketing and Sales Teams

The ideal buyer profile that is at the heart of Leadspace’s platform is used by both Marketing and Sales for discovering prospects, and as such “forces” everyone to go after the exact same targets.  Easily end the battle between the two sides by handing over the most targeted prospects worth following up on. 


Leadspace finds the right prospects in social networks

Find hyper-targeted leads for Marketing and Sales
based on your ideal buyer profile
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The Leadspace solution has proven to be a valuable tool to our sales team and has improved our productivity by identifying the right contacts quickly.

-- James Hayden, Senior VP Global Sales & Marketing