Since the term Inbound Marketing was coined by HubSpot, Outbound Marketing has been largely viewed as “old school”. While Inbound Marketing tools, experts and events mushroomed, outbound marketers have seen their budgets shifting to content marketing initiatives, and their true value questioned.

slow-snail.jpgHowever, not unlike all other hyped trends, more and more companies have come to realize that Inbound Marketing alone will not cut it. If Gartner were to create a Hype Cycle diagram for Marketing, Inbound Marketing would probably be past the Peak of Inflated Expectations, heading toward the Trough of Disillusionment.

Outbound Marketing is making a comeback.

It’s not that Inbound Marketing isn’t working. It is. But many of the brightest B2B marketers are realizing that if they want to accelerate growth, they must add Outbound Marketing back into the mix. Some of the best companies have achieved impressive revenue growth rates through cold calling. Yes, cold calling is alive and kicking, and it’s fueled by new social targeting technologies. Companies are acquiring lists and running targeted mail drops or using social media for engaging prospects.

Read about how Visually increased sales driven by Outbound Marketing by 250%, or how Badgeville increased their sales-driven pipeline by 400%. Outbound Marketing is here to stay.

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