Marketing Automation software such as Marketo, Eloqua and HubSpot gives online marketers pretty good insight into leads. You’ll get site visit information, email open stats, web form submissions, and more.

But how well do you know your leads? Do you even have the right people in your funnel?

In many companies, most Marketing-sourced leads are not accepted by Sales. Data quickly becomes outdated. Quality is low.

This is where Social Lead Targeting comes in.

People leave fingerprints in social networks, blogs, tweets, press releases, and corporate websites, and they are listed in multiple contact databases. Social Lead Targeting is all about discovering, ranking and enriching leads based on analyzing these “online buying signals” and comparing them to ideal buyer profiles. Social Lead Targeting adds a critical dimension to marketing software – real-time profiling of individuals, which helps marketers qualify leads, discover new leads, segment their databases and much more.

At Leadspace, we started out by offering a tool that helps Inside Sales teams discover hyper-targeted prospects. This tool has already proven it can compress the time it takes to find and engage with prospects.

We are now expanding our solution to help marketers too.

We think Social Lead Targeting will take B2B marketing to a new level by enabling marketers to target with accuracy never before possible. There’s so much more you can do when you really know your leads. When you know their true job functions, what tools they use, who they follow, what events they attend. The value realized from Social Lead Targeting spans the entire marketing funnel.

Today we announced our participation in the new Marketo solution ecosystem. This is a first, yet important step for us as we enter the realm of B2B marketing!