Software is a key enabler of modern B2B marketing. Gone are the days of only doing a gazillion trade shows, gathering business cards and issuing “big” press releases. Nowadays, we use a host of tools for planning, executing and the tracking of numerous programs. Problem is, most of the tools are stand-alone, not integrated to one another. This hampers productivity, and worse, limits marketing’s ability to get the most out of all the technologies at their disposal.

That is why we decided to join the Marketo LaunchPoint partner ecosystem.

As I wrote here before, marketing automation is the infrastructure, the conveyor belt of modern B2B marketing. It provides the workflow engine, campaign management, tracking and analytics required for effective marketing. But it leaves the user to fill the system with great leads and compelling content. Go after the wrong people, and you quickly end up with “garbage in, garbage out”. Target the right people with the wrong message, and your conversion rates plummet.

Integrating our social lead targeting platform with Marketo was an easy decision. Not only because it was part of our vision, but because our customers asked for it.

Our customers realized that if they combine Leadspace’s power in discovering the right leads, enhancing existing leads, and providing lead analytics, with the comprehensive automation features that Marketo has, they’ll get one badass marketing machine!

The work we’re doing with Marketo will have a profound impact on B2B marketing and marketing ROI, so stay tuned.