The other day I was perusing one of my B2B LinkedIn groups and came upon the following question from Jon:

 “Hi, does anyone know where I can source b2b mailing lists which are filtered by all the usual stuff (industry, size of company, etc.) but also by technology used: e.g. IBM, Oracle DB, VMWare, etc.?”

I quickly scanned the answers and everyone offered up advice on many companies that had the ability to filter all of the demographic information he requested. However, no one was able to offer a suggestion on a company that could filter based on technology used.  There seems to be a gaping hole in what can be provided.

But…look no further – Leadspace can do it.   With our December release, just rolled-out, you can now target companies based on what tools or technologies they are using.

For example, let’s say your best prospects are companies who are using Microsoft Project and Microsoft SharePoint. Just plug this information into Leadspace and it gives you a list of companies that exactly fit your criteria.  Leadspace finds this information by analyzing employees’ online presence, job listings and more.

You then use Leadspace to find the right people in each of these companies based on the ideal buyer profile you created.  

With this new version of Leadspace you get it all – the opportunity to find the companies that are relevant to your business based on the products or tools they use and then target the right people in these companies to make the sale.  What could be more perfect or complete?

Leadspace shows products used by companies