Customer profiling is often a challenge for marketing and sales teams.  First off, you have to get both groups in a room together.  This in itself may be a daunting task.  

But when you do get the two teams locked in the boardroom most often the groups do not agree on who the end user really is.  Some sales will say it is the size of the company that matters the most, whereas other sales think it is the type of industry that is top of the list.  Still others will put emphasis on a title, country, region or golf handicap.  Marketers throw in their point of view based on the mapping they have done or online behaviors.

Neither group is wrong.  The ideal buyer profile is dependent on many criteria and depending on where the sales or marketing is focused each characteristic has a different weight.

But how can the two groups together create all of these typical end users?  It would take days or depending on how well your teams get along – weeks - to make each buyer profile necessary.  

Why not make this process simple?  The easiest approach is to take your current customer list and feed it into Leadspace. Using its core technology, Leadspace creates an ideal buyer profile based on those people who have already purchased from your company.  

Both marketing and sales can then use this easily built and maintainable profile and give them a better understanding of who their targets really are. In turn, based on the ideal buyer profile, Leadspace can then find “look-alikes” on the internet, social media, in company databases and based on similar digital footprints.  Leadspace goes beyond job titles to look at job functions, social connections, events attended, blog mentions, etc.

This is a win-win for sales and marketing.  No one needs to be locked in a room debating what your end users look like.  With Leadspace it is as easy as a click of a button.